Editors : K.L. Chadha, P.N. Ravindran and Leela Sahijram


We are already in a new century, a new millennium, this is the time to look back and judge our achievements in the area of plant biotechology during the past half a century, especially in the field of horticultural biotechnology. That is exactly what this holistic compliation is all about. Spread over 34 chapters and 836 pages, this volume provides a “single window” panoramic global view of the entire spectrum of horticultural biotechnology, the advances made so far by mankind.


Section 1 : General Biotechnology

Biotechnology in Horticulture - K.L. Chadha, P.N. Ravindran and Leela Sahijram

Section 2 : Micropropagation

Hi-tech Propagation of Horticultural Plants -B.S. Ahloowalia

Synthetic Seed Technology in Horticultural Crops - P.S. Rao, P. Suprasanna and V.A. Bapat

Commercial Plant Tissue Culture - R. Doreswamy and R. Pandiarajan

Plant Tissue Culture Industry in India - Suman Govil and Shrish C. Gupta

Section 3 : Biotechnology and Crop improvement

In vitro Androgenesis in the Improvement of Horticultural Crops - S.B. Babbar, N. Walla and S.N. Raina

Molecular Markers and their Application in Horticultural Crops - Lalitha Anand

Molecular Biology Techniques for Disease Management - Akella Vani

Biotechnological Approaches to Insect Pest Management in Fruits and Vegetables -P. A. Kumar

Application of Biotechnology in Biointensive Integrated Pest Management - S.P. Singh

Biotechnological Approaches to Improve Quality in Horticultural Crops - K.C. Bansal

Section 4 : Fruit and Plantation Crops

Micropropagation and Conservation of Genetic Resources in Fruit Crops - G.M. Reddy and C.G. Giri

Application of Biotechnology to Musa -K.L. Chadha and Lee/a Sahijram

Biotechnology in Fruit Crop Improvement - Zora Singh

Biotechnology of Coconut, Oil Palm and Cocoa - R.D. lyer and V.A. Parthasarathy

Biotechnology in the Improvement of Tea - L. Manivel

Biotechnology in the Improvement of Coffee- H.L. Sreenath

Biotechnological Approaches for Crop Improvement in Rubber- A. Thulaseedharan, P. Kumari Jayasree and P. Venkatachalam

Section 5 : Vegetable and Tuber Crops

Genetic Engineering for Vegetable Crop Improvement - D. Mandaokar, P. Ananda Kumar and R.P. Sharma

In vitro Approaches to Propagation and Conservation of Genetic Resources in Potato - Prakash S. Naik and Debabrata Sarkar

In vitro Conservation of Tuber and Bulbous Crops - J.L. Karihaloo and B.B. Mandal

Genetically Engineered Improvement of Root and Tuber Crops - S.M. Paul Khurana and S.K. Chakrabarti

Biotechnology in Conservation and Improvement of Tuber Crops - M. Unnikrishnan and M.N. Sheela

Section 6 : Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Biotechnology of Spices - K. Nirmal Babu, P.N. Ravindran and K.V. Peter

Secondary Metabolites from Cultured Cells and Tissues of Spice Crops - N. Bhagyalakshmi, G. Suvarnalatha and L. V. Venkataraman

Biotechnology in the Conservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - S. Natesh Section 7 : Ornamenta and Forestry Plants

Micropropagation and Conservation of Genetic Resources in Ornamentals - M.L. Choudhury and K. V. Prasad

Orchid Micropropagation - S.P. Vij, Anoopama Kher and Ashish Gupta

Biotechnology of Ornamental Plants - Anil Kush

Biotechnology in Woody Ornamentals - G.R. Rout and P. Das

Thin Cell Layer Morphogenesis in Ornamental Species - Bui Van Le and Duong Tan Nhut

Biotechnology of Ornamental Flowering Trees - Shashi B. Babbar and Neeru Jain

Biotechnology in Bamboo Improvement - Rajani S. Nadgauda and C.K. John

Horticultural Biotechnology - Future Opportunities - Renu Swarup and Manju Sharma

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2000; ISBN : 81-85048-42-8

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