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  Topics in Tropical Virology


Editors : Donald N. Black, Dharma D. Shukla and Narayan Rishi

Diseases caused by viruses in animals, plants and humans remain a major economic factor in many tropical countries. Long established virus diseases such as rabies are still extremely serious health problems. Emerging diseases such as Lasa fever and Ebola in humans and geminiviruses in plants represent new threats with the potential to spread worldwide. Rinderpest long eradicated in temperate countries still remains a problem for cattle farmers in several tropical countries despite the availability of excellent vaccines. This could be due to lack of enough trained manpower and field managerial skills. The case of widespread movement of animals, plants and humans means that security against virus caused diseases is much more difficult to maintain.

ISBN : 81-85048-35-5 188pp, Illustrated, Hardcover