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  Virology in the Tropics Back 

Editors : Narayan Rishi, K.L. Ahuja and B.P. Singh

Problems of viral diseases of animals, plants and human beings in the tropics are enormous. Not much attention has been paid in this part of the globe as the tropics constitute predominantly developing countries. In the recent years, more and more attention is being paid to the problems in this area. The book is expected to generate useful data for more purposeful studies in the tropics. Papers by virologists from all over the world have been discussed under six broad topics, viz., epidemiology immuunological and molecular virology & biotechnology, prevention & control and AIDS and allied viruses. 82 articles contributed from India , USA . Australia , UK , Netherlands , Germany , Hungry, Canada , Switzerland , Mangolia , Taiwan , China , Bangladesh , Philippines , Japan , Italy and Spain .

ISBN : 81-85048-32-0 800pp, Illustrated, Hardcover